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Due to the current situation in Israel, we have decided to POSTPONE the 7th International Exhibition & Conference  Conservation * Renewal * Reuse 


When a new date is set – we will inform you via all the relevant platforms


In hope of better and quieter days








In light of the success we experienced with the previous six International Exhibitions and Conferences on Building Conservation, which thousands of people attended – including dozens of speakers from Israel and abroad – we decided to hold a larger event this year, and in a more attractive and accessible location: Smolarz Auditorium at Tel Aviv University


This conference is the largest event of its kind in Israel, and it creates a great professional platform to increase awareness and knowledge in the field of building conservation around the country. The exhibition is inspired by leading conservation events around the world, like the ones in Paris, Ferrara (Italy) and Leipzig (Germany). Its uniqueness is the amount of knowledge and professionalism one can find in one place, as well as the large and professional audience


The Exhibition is produced by Icon Conferences. The Conference is produced and led by the International Relations Department of the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel and a professional steering committee


The Conference will highlight the global expanding trend of conservation and reuse of historic, public and industrial buildings – as part of renewal processes and sustainable planning. This, in light of the recognition of those buildings’ cultural, architectural, community, urban and touristic values. Public buildings, factories, mines, agricultural and military facilities, bridges, power plants and others – have all completed their original purposes and are now being reused


In Israel, there are some fine examples of reusage of industrial buildings and other sites, but this topic is still not present enough in the awareness of planners and decision makers. As a result, many important buildings, with great potential for reusage, are destroyed (or planned to) as part of development plans


The conference will also deal with heritage in times of emergency, as well as methods and mechanisms to maintain historic sites


Target Audience: bodies involved in the Israeli and international preservation arena, entrepreneurs, preservation engineers, contractors, architects, preservers, suppliers, workshops, supervisors, representatives of local, regional and national planning authorities, land assessors, lawyers, authorities and preservation organizations, decision makers, members of preservation committees, preservation trustees, students, and more


Arch Michiel Van Balen

Civil Engineer & Co Founder Miss Miyagi & Stadsmakersfonds, Belguim

Dr Alberto Tagle,

Research Conservation Scientist, Consultant

Professor José Aguiar

Lisbon School Of Architecture

  • Repair and Restoration Priorities for Adaptive Reuse.
  • Incentives for Rehabilitating Historic Properties.
  • Public involvement in rehabilitation of industrial buildings and sites
  • Community led development models for the adaptive reuse of   heritage sites.
  • Awareness of planners and decision makers in the different authorities
  • Heritage protection in times of emergency, the public aspect of conservation.
  • Corporate responsibility and the community as a leader of change – as well as methods and mechanisms to maintain historic sites.
  • Technologies to treat weathering, strengthening buildings, “recycling” buildings

סדר יום

התכנסות, כיבוד, קפה ונטוורקינג
שם מנחה, כותרת, תפקיד
תיאור תוכן ההרצאה
דברי פתיחה
שם מרצה, טייטל, שם החברה אותה מייצג, מיקום אם יש
הרצאה רומא העתיקה
הרצאה רומא העתיקה

Members of the professional steering committee

  • Tamar Tuchler, Chairperson – Deputy CEO and Director of Department of International Affairs, Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel
  • Dr. Dalit Atrakchi – Secretary General, Israel National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education
  • Prof. Irit Amit-Cohen – Representative of Board of Directors, Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel
  • Eng. Jacob Sheffer – Conservation engineer, Sheffer Engineers
  • Architect Eran Mordohovitz – Chairman, Icomos Israel
  • Architect Shira Shapiro – Deputy Senior Director the Heritage Division, Ministry of Heritage
  • Architect Yael Peker – Conservation architect and Head of Industrial Heritage Committee, Icomos Israel
  • Michael Cohen – Chairman, Built Heritage Conservers Community
  • Architect Orly Cohen Moas – Urban planner, Director of National Conservation, Israel Planning Administration
  • Orit Bortnik – Director of Archeology and Heritage Division, Israeli Nature and Parks Authority
  • Architect Naor Mimar – Mimar Naor Architecture & Conservation
  • Jessica Lewinsky – Conservator, Board member of ISCPCP
  •  Eng. Omer Kaufman – Chairman of Exhibition
  • Yael Etkin – Director of Tel Aviv District, Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel
  • Shahar Hermelin – Spokesperson, Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel
  • Inon Hacohen, Producer of Exhibition, CEO of Icon Conferences

Companies and entities interested in exhibiting at the exhibition and conference
can contact: Inon Hacohen conshimur1@gmail.com +972 50-7877090

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