The Fourth Exposition and International Conference

of Building Preservation

Habima, Tel-Aviv, Israel, December 12,2018

The Fourth International Exposition of Preservation is underway and you are invited to participate.

The subject of the coming professional Conference is:

"Preservation as Part of Sustainable Planning"

The success of the previous three expositions which were held in2015-2017,shows the enormous

interest of the public and the large potentiality in concentrating knowledge and professionalism in one place, as in Preservation expositions in Paris, France and in Ferrera, Italy.

Our experience shows that it is a good professional platform for encouraging collaboration and exchanging knowledge among interested parties in the field.

Sustainable Planning is actually a planning approach which considers the environmental, economic

and social aspects. At the same time, it emphasizes the existing physical and cultural space. This planning mode is consistent with the field of preservation, while its aim is to combine social, environmental, cultural and economic elements in a whole manner. The preservation of Heritage Sites while restoring and using compounds and historical buildings is actually geared to produce an exceptional urban, cultural and social space, while minimizing the environmental damages.

As in the previous years, the exposition will include the last novelties in the field of preservation. International companies will participate in the Exposition and the Conference as well. As in the past, we will be happy to include the participation of companies, organizations, traditional craftsmen and entrepreneurs from the preservation field. All mentioned above can share their experience and knowledge they have accumulated along the years in preservation with the targeted audience.

Along the exposition there will be the professional Conference which will deal with preservation as part of the existing city restoration plans. Also preservation projects from Israel and the world, reuse of locations, building technologies, different approaches in research of preservation of historical cities.

We expect more than 1500 participants and visitors, including the presentations and lectures of senior experts in the field from Israel and the world.

The Exposition is produced by the ”Icon Conferences” company and the Conference is produced and directed by the Department of International Relations of the Council of Preservation of Heritage Sites of Israel accompanied by the professional steering committee.

The targeted audience: anyone that works in the field of preservation in Israel or abroad, like:

Preservers, Architects, Entrepreneurs, preservation Engineers, Contractors, Suppliers, Workshops, Inspectors, representatives of local and State planning authorities, land assessors, Lawyers and of course preservation committees, preservation trustees, students and so on.

Companies that are interested in participating in the exposition, please call for details :    Inon Hacohen,050-7877090, or Conshimur1@gmail.com

The producer of the Conference: Tamar Tuchler, Vice President Foreign relations-the Council of Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel.

Members of the Steering Committee:

Mr.Amos Eran, Chairman of the International Relations Committee, the Council of Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel

Ms.Tamar Tuchler, Director of Tel-Aviv District and the International Relations Department, the Council of the Preservation of the Historic Sites in Israel.

Mr.Arnon Hefetz, Director of the Physical Preservation Domain.

Mr.Raanan Kislev, First Director of Preservation, Israel Antiquities Authority.

Eng.Omer Kaufman, Chairmain of the Exposition.

Mr.Michael Cohen, International Projects and Relations Management, Antiquities Authority.

Mr.Jacques Nequer, Head of the Art Preservation Branch, Antiquities Authority.

Ms.Lilah Harel, Architect

Mr.Meir Ronen, Preservation Engineer.

Mr.Inon Hacohen, Icon Conferences, the Producer of the Exibition.

**Looking forward to seeing you among us.